Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving & Manoeuvring

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This course focuses on the importance of looking after yourself whilst in charge of a truck or coach, the key issues affecting driver health and fitness to drive, the potential risks and how to avoid them as well as manoeuvring and banksman duties.

It also looks at the causes of accidents, the effects of drugs, drink and mobile phones on driver awareness. Building on SAFED (Safe & Fuel Efficient) defensive driving techniques to support drivers to obtain improved MPG
and reduce accidents.

  • Fitness to Drive

  • Distractions and the consequences

  • Defensive and safe driving techniques

  • Importance of vehicle checks and maintenance

  • How to optimise fuel consumption

  • Dealing with vulnerable road users

  • The dangers of manoeuvring

  • Recognise hazards when manoeuvring

  • Safe manoeuvring techniques and banksman signals

Course content